Urbanic Garden

The fresh experience with pleasure

Urbanic Garden

We of Urban IC bring a piece of nature in your own four walls. For this we develop and market, Internet-enabled, fully automated greenhouses, which can be used at any location. How about a fresh mojito on New Year's or sweet strawberries for Valentine's Day? And from your own garden?

Urbanic Garden appeals to those who appreciate quality, aesthetics and long lasting enjoyment.

Urbanic Garden - How it works

We believe in quality, aesthetics and long lasting enjoyment. In our assortment find urban gardeners a wide variety of high quality plants, which can be astonishingly simple cultivated in our greenhouses. Our mission is satisfied when our customer has retracted his harvest successfully and effortlessly.

Everyone should get access to gardeners - even those who can be so far off by long training periods. We assume this fear only too happy and lead even beginners to work cautiously zoom. Our online platform provides valuable expertise available and mutual exchanges.
Urbanic builds eventful bridges between everyday stress and relaxed gardeners. Growing contentment.


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